Payment Settings

On the payment screen, Change allows you to record the collection of several different payment types. 

The following payment types can only be recorded for the amount due:

  • Credit Card
  • Gift Card
  • Check

These payment types pull from the till when entered for more than the amount due:

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Dwolla
NOTE: Change only records the collection of money, it does not actually process payment unless you enable credit card processing. Learn more about accepting credit cards within Change.

Editing Payment Labels

Payment labels include Credit Card, Debit, Check, Cash, Dwolla, and Gift Card. To hide certain payment types on your payment screen, tap the Account Dropdown in the Action Bar then select Settings followed by Payment Labels.

Select the payment label you would like to hide and turn off the Active Payment Method switch. Tap Update when finished.

Uncategorized Payments

The Uncategorized Payment label allows you to bypass the step of entering a payment type during checkout. This can speed up the checkout process dramatically.

Learn more about bypassing the payment screen using the Uncategorized Payment Label.

Accepting Credit Cards

There are a few ways for to accept credit cards with Change:

Learn more about accepting credit cards within Change.

Next Steps

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