Receipt Options

Previewing Your Receipt Design

To preview the design of your receipt and print a test receipt, tap Settings in your Account Dropdown in the Action Bar then select Receipt in left sidebar. A preview of your receipt will appear.

To print a test receipt, tap Print Test.

Editing Receipt Text

You can update your receipt to include your business name, address, phone number, website, hours, and WiFi password.

From your Account Dropdown in the Action Bar tap Settings then Receipt. Select Header or Footer to edit the text in those sections of the receipt. After you've finished editing the text field, tap Update.

Adding Receipt Logo

To add a logo or image to your receipt, access your Account Dropdown in the Action Bar then select Settings followed by Receipt. Tap Logo.

On this screen, tap Choose Image to upload an image from your camera roll. With two fingers, pinch to move and scale the image to format it the way you want. Then tap Use. When you're finished, tap Update to save the changes.

Choosing Logo Image

Now you can preview your receipt by tapping Preview in the the middle column.

Removing Receipt Logo

To remove a logo from your receipt completely, access your Account Dropdown in the Action Bar then select Settings followed by Receipt. Tap Logo, then Remove.

Removing Receipt Logo

Email Receipt Options

From your Account Dropdown in the Action Bar select Settings then Receipt. Tap Email Options. To enable email receipts, turn on the Email Receipt switch.

In the field below, enter the From Email Address. When customers receive a receipt, it will come from this email address and they will be able to reply to it. If this field is left blank, customers will receive email receipts from your account's default email address.

Receipt Printing Options

To change what receipts your device prints and when, learn more about Printing Options.