Account Settings

Updating Account Information In App

From the Account Dropdown in the Action Bar > Settings > Account.

Business - Update your business name and business subtitle.
Account Owner - Update the name of the account owner.
Address - Update the address of your business.
Phone - Update the phone number of your business.
Logo - Upload a logo for your business. This is used throughout the app, but not on your receipts.

Update Account Information In App

Any information updated in the app is automatically synced to other devices and to your Change Dashboard.

Updating Account Information Online

To update your account information online, log into your Change Dashboard

Click Business in the left navigation. Here you can update your business name, account owner, business address, and phone number. Once you've finished updating this information, click Update.

Update Account Information Online

Any information updated on the Change Dashboard is automatically synced to your devices.

Resetting Your Account Password

If you forgot your password or need to reset it, visit


Changing Your Account Password

To change your account password, log into your Change Dashboard

Click Accounts in the left navigation. Enter your new password and click Update.


Staff Profiles

Staff profiles create individual workspaces for your staff, allowing each person to manage their own orders and their own till. Learn more about Staff Profiles.