Taking Orders

Adding Items To Orders

To add items to an order, simply tap items (the white squares) or groups (the charcoal squares) on the ordering screen to the right. 

Items - If you tap an item, it will appear in the Order Journal on the left.
Groups - If you tap a group, you will be able to view and select the items within the group.

Adjusting Quantities

To quickly increase the quantity of an item as you are adding it to an order, you can simply quick-tap. For instance, double-tapping an item will add a quantity of two. Triple-tapping will add three, and if you continue to quickly tap the item, the quantity will continue to increase for that line item.

If you add an item then wait a few seconds, then tap the item again. It will add it as a new and separate line item.

To adjust an item's quantity, tap the item in the Order Journal and you'll be taken to the Item Details screen. You'll find plus and minus buttons that will allow you change the quantity of the item. 

Switching Screens

Depending on your layout, items and groups can be placed on multiple screens. To view switch between screens, tap the small squares at the bottom of the ordering screen. 

The square on the far left is for entering miscellaneous items. Learn more about the Miscellaneous Screen.

Modifying Items

Modifiers allow you to add notes to specific items.

Learn more about Modifying Items.

Suspending Orders

Once you've finished adding items to an order, you can suspend the order, which basically pauses it until you need to access it again.

To suspend an order, tap the Orders dropdown in the action bar, then tap Suspend Current Order. This will suspend the current order and start a new one.

Suspending Orders

To reopen a suspended order, tap the Orders dropdown in the action bar and then tap the order you would like to open. If the order isn't visible in the dropdown, tap View All Orders. This will take you to a list of all the orders from the current session.

Adding Order Notes

Order Notes allow you to attach a general note to an order. 

Learn more about Order Notes.

Entering Payment

Once you have finished adding items to an ordering, you can now enter payment. 

Learn more about Entering Payment.