Order Notes

Order Notes are free-form notes attached to an order that allow you to name or identify orders, but are not visible to the customer. These notes also print to the kitchen. Some uses are Order Notes are:

  • Table Numbers
  • Customer Names
  • Sections

After a note is added to an order, it will appear as the name of the order in the Orders dropdown. This is helpful for identifying table numbers and customer orders.

Adding Order Notes

To add a note to an order, scroll to the top of the Order Journal where you'll find a field containing Add Note. Tap this field, type in your note, then tap Done.

Order Name

To remove a note, simply delete the text in the note field and tap Done.

Order Type: Dine In, To Go, and Delivery

By default, orders are marked Dine-In, but you can change this to To Go or Delivery. To do this, scroll to the top of the Order Journal and tap the Order Type row. A list of options will appear, tap one. Now your order has been assigned a new order type.

The Order Type is printed on the kitchen receipt, as well as the customer receipt.

Order Type