Staff Profiles

Staff profiles create individual workspaces for your staff, allowing each person to manage their own orders and their own till. Consider staff profiles as sub-accounts for your overall business account. 

Why use staff profiles?

This feature makes it easier for multiple people to work from the same device, especially if each person is working from their own bank and not all using the same till. 

Staff Profiles and Tills

When you add a new staff profile, you are asked to create a new till or select one from the existing list of tills. From then on, anytime you take an order using your staff profile, your orders are recorded to the till associated with your profile.

Staff Profile Till

When the next person switches to their profile, Change automatically records their orders to the till associated with their profile.

If more than one profile is working from the same till, orders from both accounts will be recorded on the same till report.

Multiple Profiles and Tills
NOTE: Under your staff profile, you can still swap and suspend tills, but this will not switch profiles, it will only switch the till your orders will be recorded on.

Staff Profiles and Orders

Staff profiles help you isolate and manage your own orders. When using your staff profile, the Orders Dropdown will only show the orders you've created. If you need to access someone else's order from your profile, simply tap View All Orders and you will be able to search for any order in the current session.

Staff Profile Orders

Any order started by a staff profile remains tied to that profile, unless closed by a different profile. For instance, if John starts an order right before the end of his shift but has to leave before collecting payment, Megan can enter the payment and then close the order. The records for this order would appear on the till Megan was working from.

Orders are recorded to the profile and till that closes the order. Except when an order is closed by the business profile, then it will be recorded on the profile and till that originally started the order.

Enabling Staff Profiles

From your Account Dropdown tap Settings then Account. In the middle column, select Staff Profiles, then tap the switch to enable or disable staff profiles.

Adding New Staff Profiles

Once staff profiles have been enabled, you will find a Add Staff Profile button in your Account Dropdown.


By tapping this button, a list of existing staff profiles will appear. This list may be empty if you're using this feature for the first time. To add a new profile, tap Add Staff Profile at the top of the list.

Enter the name of this profile and an abbreviation. This can be 2-3 characters. Tap Next.


Now select what till this profile will be using. Change automatically adds a new till to this list with the same name as the profile you just created. You can select and use this new till, creating a completely new one by tapping Create Till, or select an existing till from the list.

More than one staff profile can work from the same till, so existing and active tills are visible in this list. 


If you've selected a new or closed till, you will be asked to enter the starting amount. If the till is already active, you will be taken to the ordering screen.

Removing Staff Profiles

Staff profiles are closely associated with tills, so if a till is counted or closed by any staff profile or the business profile, all staff profiles using that till will be removed from the list in the Account Dropdown.


If a till is not counted or closed by a staff account, they can still be counted or closed by the business account. This will not affect ownership of the orders managed by these profiles. All records will be counted toward the staff profile that originally closed the order. 


To remove an old staff profile from the existing profile list, all you need to do is avoid using that particular profile for two weeks and it will automatically drop off the list.