iPad App - Version 1.3.7

What's new in Version 1.3.7 of Change?

NEW! Item Variants

Add variants to individual items such as sizes or flavors.

NEW! Variant Groups

Create groups of variants and apply them to several items at once. Variant groups allow you to adjust the price of the base item or override it altogether.

NEW! Manual Credit Card Entry

For Change businesses using Heartland Payment Processing, you can now manually enter and process customer credit cards.

NEW! Welcome Screen

Open Change and you'll be greeted by our new and helpful welcome screen. Three status indicators let you know if a session is open, if you need to update to the latest version, or if you still have information syncing to the cloud.

Streamlined Settings

We've consolidated our create and edit settings into one easy-to-use workflow.

Bug Fixes

We've tracked down several bugs, squashed them, and improved overall performance of the app.

iPad App - Version 1.3.4

What's new in Version 1.3.4 of Change?

  • Always Use Modifiers: A new setting that automatically displays the modifier list after adding enabled items to an order.

Bug Fixes

  • Odd scrolling in the Order Journal.
  • Fixed instances where you couldn't end a session without closing the till.
  • Applied payments bug.

iPad App - Version 1.3.2

What's new in Version 1.3.2 of Change?

  • Better Kitchen Printing
    • Send newly added items and changes to the kitchen without printing another full ticket.
    • Automatically send tickets to the kitchen when you suspend an order.
  • New payment label added: Debit Card
  • Better results when searching modifiers
  • Improved tracking of voided items
  • Crisper receipt printing, especially for kitchen tickets

Bug Fixes

  • Change will no longer jump to the payment screen while entering items

iPad App - Version 1.3

What's new in Version 1.3 of Change?

You can now accept credit cards with Change! 

  • Swipe, charge, and settle credit card payments.
  • Enter tip adjustments. 
  • Issue credit card refunds within an open batch.

Also in this version:

  • Unused modifiers will now drop off the list after two weeks.

iPad App - Version 1.2.6

What's new in Version 1.2.6 of Change?

  • Our all-new "Printer Status" screen helps you find printers on your network, change printer settings, and troubleshoot errors.
  • Some minor improvements to the interface for iOS 7.
  • A precise way of taking and cropping photos of items.

Bug Fixes

  • Switching between amount and percentage when adjusting a tax rate will no longer cause conflicts.

iPad App - Version 1.2.4

Version 1.2.4


  • Split checks
  • Assign seat numbers
  • Assign items to seats
  • Apply gratuity
  • Payment functions to support multiple checks
  • Disable tax for items or departments
  • Improved inline item editing

Bug Fixes

  • Scrolling issues in the Payments section during a long order

iPad App - Version 1.2.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where time zone could be inaccurate
  • Fixes bug where using multiple printers could cause a crash
  • Fixes bug when editing payments and discounts
  • FIxes bug where the incorrect page could be selected when moving between menu pages
  • Fixes layout issues with iOS 7
  • Removes restrictions on applying discounts
  • Improves speed of moving between menu pages
  • Moves quantity to left side of kitchen receipt

iPad App - Version 1.2

What's New in Version 1.2?

  • Diagnose printer problems with warning and status bar
  • See when your data last synced with status bar iconography and messages
  • Ring up items by weight or dollar amount with Miscellaneous Screen
  • Enable/disable payment types
  • "Cash Out" with the No Sale button before items are rung up
  • Enable Uncategorized Payment for instant checkout
  • Get faster alerts for Change Due

What do the printer status bar icons mean?

There are four different printer status bar icons:

  • Solid - Everything is working.
  • Flashing - The app is searching for the printer.
  • Gone - The printer is disconnected.
  • Hazard - The printer is low on paper.

My printer stopped working. What do I do?

If your printer has stopped working, the first thing you should do is reset the printer by turning it off and back on again. Check that the ethernet cord is connected, and if that doesn't work, try rebooting by turning the printer's power OFF, then ON.

If your printer is still not working, call Change Support at 515-661-5561.

What is the Miscellaneous Screen?

The Miscellaneous Screen helps you ring up any item, even if it's not in your Change menu. Plus, you can ring up by units or dollar amount. For example, if a customer wants a dozen cupcakes or $15 worth of coffee beans, you can make it happen with the Miscellaneous Screen.

Find this screen by tapping the left-most square at the base of your screen. It looks like a grid. 

How do I ring up by units with the Miscellaneous Screen?

Let's say a customer wants a dozen cupcakes.

  1. Tap the Miscellaneous Button (left-most button at base of screen).
  2. Tap a matching Department ("Misc. Food").
  3. Optional step: Type a name for item ("Cupcakes").
  4. Type the price per cupcake ("2.50").
  5. Tap the multiplication button "x."
  6. Type the quantity ("12").
  7. Tap Apply to Order.

How do I ring up an item by dollar amount?

Let's say a customer wants $15 of coffee beans.

  1. Tap the Miscellaneous Button (left-most button at base of screen).
  2. Tap a matching Department ("Misc. Food").
  3. Optional step: Type a name for item ("Colombian").
  4. Type the amount the customer wants to spend ("15").
  5. Tap the division button at the base of the keypad.
  6. Type the price per pound ("7.99").
  7. Tap the each button and select the unit ("lb"). (Or Add New Unit, Create Unit, type "lb" and tap Next.)
  8. Tap Apply to Order.

How will it appear on receipts and reports?

This item will appear on the customer's receipt and session reports as "Misc. (Department Name)," or whatever you renamed it as during checkout.

How do I change which payment labels show up at checkout?

Payment labels include Credit Card, Check, Cash, Dwolla, Gift Card, and Uncategorized.

  1. To turn any of them on or off (so they appear or disappear from checkout), just tap your logo (upper lefthand corner).
  2. Select Settings > Payment Options and whichever payment label you want to change.
  3. Select ON or OFF.
  4. Tap Exit.

What is the Uncategorized payment label?

The Uncategorized label lets you bypass the step of entering a payment type during checkout.

How do I use it?

  1. Ring up an order.
  2. Tap Payment > Done.

Note: These transactions record as Uncategorized in sales reports.

How do I turn on Uncategorized payments?

  1. Tap your logo > Settings > Payment Options > Uncategorized.
  2. Tap ON next to Active Payment Method.
  3. Tap Update > Exit.

Another new feature is Cash Out.

To do this, tap No Sale at the base of your empty receipt and the drawer will open.

Change Dashboard Updates: New Reports

Good news! Change now offers automatically-synced, detailed end-of-session reports of your sales from every angle: by payment type, transaction number, discounts, and top sellers. These report give you power in the form of data.

Transaction Report:

This is a comprehensive list of orders. If a customer reports a wrong order, you can go into your report, find the transaction, and make it right.

Payment Report:

Here, payment type and amount are listed for every transaction, even if multiple forms were used for one order - say, cash and credit together. If someone rings up a credit card wrong, you can make it right with this report.

Discounts Report:

Want to know which transactions sold at a discount, why and for how much? This report will tell you.

Top-Sellers Report:

Tally which items sold best - and which sold least - with this instant report. If you want to tweak your menu, this report can help you identify dud items and promote top sellers.

Items Report:

For every transaction, see the breakdown of what customers ordered - by item name, quantity, price, department, and more.

How to access these reports

  1. Head on over to Change.io and log in to your Change Dashboard.
  2. Click Reports in the lefthand column.
  3. Click on the session you want to view. What will appear is a pared down sales report, useful for quick and accurate accounting.
  4. Now click Export in the top right corner of your screen. All reports mentioned above will download to your computer in a single folder labeled with that session's date in the format YearMonthDaySession#. For example, the folder for May 10, 2013 will be named: 20130510000.
  5. Now you can peruse, sort, store, and compare to your heart's content.

The power is yours.

iPad App - Version 1.1.2

Version 1.1.2

  • Email receipts
  • Print preview
  • Auto-Print options
  • Preview and email reports
  • Auto-Print kitchen receipts
  • Better kitchen receipts

Go paperless with Version 1.1.2:

  • mail Receipts

  • Auto-Print Options

  • review and Email Reports

How do I turn on email receipts?

  1. Tap your logo in the top left corner of the screen. 
  2. Tap Settings > Receipt > Email Options
  3. Tap ON next to Email Receipt. 
  4. Then tap NEXT > Update > Exit.

How do I automatically print customer receipts?

  1. Tap your logo > Settings >Receipt >Print Options
  2. Tap ON for Auto-Print (for customer receipts). 
  3. Tap Apply.

How do I automatically print tickets to the kitchen?

  1. Tap your logo > Settings >Receipt >Print Options
  2. Tap ON for Auto-Print (for kitchen receipts). 
  3. Tap Apply.

How do I preview and email reports in the app (without using a receipt print or Dashboard)?

  1. From your home screen, tap Drawer in the the top right corner and tap Session Open (or whichever session you want reports for).
  2. Tap Print Report > OK, then your Session Report will appear.
  3. If you want to email it to yourself or someone else, tap Email at the bottom of the report.
  4. To exit, tap Done in the top right.


iPad App - Version 1.1.1

And just like that, a fresh new batch of features are out of the oven and ready for your enjoyment. Here’s a taste of what’s new in the latest version of Change.

Void and Refund Orders:

We know you and your customer never make mistakes, but just in case, you can now void or refund orders. Just tap the Orders tab in the top action bar and select the order you’d like to edit.

Easy Group Editing:

During testing, we noticed people struggling to edit groups. Not anymore! Tap a group while editing screen layouts and it will now give you the option to move or edit the group. You can also now edit the group’s name and color or delete the group entirely on the edit group screen. 

New In-App Purchase To Extend Plan:

Need to extend your plan in a pinch? No problem! You can now do this right within the app. Just make your way over to the Settings screen and purchase a month extension on your plan.

Create Account In App:

You probably already have an account, but what about everyone else? Well, now your friends can create accounts right within the app. It’s faster and will save them hundreds of seconds!