iPad App - Version 1.3.7

What's new in Version 1.3.7 of Change?

NEW! Item Variants

Add variants to individual items such as sizes or flavors.

NEW! Variant Groups

Create groups of variants and apply them to several items at once. Variant groups allow you to adjust the price of the base item or override it altogether.

NEW! Manual Credit Card Entry

For Change businesses using Heartland Payment Processing, you can now manually enter and process customer credit cards.

NEW! Welcome Screen

Open Change and you'll be greeted by our new and helpful welcome screen. Three status indicators let you know if a session is open, if you need to update to the latest version, or if you still have information syncing to the cloud.

Streamlined Settings

We've consolidated our create and edit settings into one easy-to-use workflow.

Bug Fixes

We've tracked down several bugs, squashed them, and improved overall performance of the app.