Change Dashboard Updates: New Reports

Good news! Change now offers automatically-synced, detailed end-of-session reports of your sales from every angle: by payment type, transaction number, discounts, and top sellers. These report give you power in the form of data.

Transaction Report:

This is a comprehensive list of orders. If a customer reports a wrong order, you can go into your report, find the transaction, and make it right.

Payment Report:

Here, payment type and amount are listed for every transaction, even if multiple forms were used for one order - say, cash and credit together. If someone rings up a credit card wrong, you can make it right with this report.

Discounts Report:

Want to know which transactions sold at a discount, why and for how much? This report will tell you.

Top-Sellers Report:

Tally which items sold best - and which sold least - with this instant report. If you want to tweak your menu, this report can help you identify dud items and promote top sellers.

Items Report:

For every transaction, see the breakdown of what customers ordered - by item name, quantity, price, department, and more.

How to access these reports

  1. Head on over to and log in to your Change Dashboard.
  2. Click Reports in the lefthand column.
  3. Click on the session you want to view. What will appear is a pared down sales report, useful for quick and accurate accounting.
  4. Now click Export in the top right corner of your screen. All reports mentioned above will download to your computer in a single folder labeled with that session's date in the format YearMonthDaySession#. For example, the folder for May 10, 2013 will be named: 20130510000.
  5. Now you can peruse, sort, store, and compare to your heart's content.

The power is yours.