iPad App - Version 1.1

You asked for it and we made it happen.

  • Suspend Orders: Just add items to an order, tap the Orders tab, click suspend. Voilà! Order suspended! To reopen, return to the Orders tab and tap the order you want to reopen. Easy as pie.
  • Kitchen Printing: We added a print button to the Order Journal in the sidebar. You can now print a receipt of just the items ordered and none of that other gobbledygook. Your kitchen staff will want to kiss you on the mouth.
  • Customer Check: That same print button also gives you the option to print a customer check. This is a receipt of all the items ordered and the amount due.
  • Order Note: We added a note field to the Order Journal sidebar so you can attach notes to an order. You can even see this note in your list of suspended orders.

iPad App - Version 1.0.2

We've been busy making updates behind the scenes.

  • When you install this version, you'll gain access to the new company settings in your Change Dashboard where you can fill out your company information. Any changes made in your Settings will now stay in sync between the dashboard and app.
  • We now gather information about your currency and time zone from your device and use this when viewing reports in your Change Dashboard.
  • Squashed a bug causing occasional crashes while updating your dashboard.
  • New users can now sign up for our Change Newsletter before checking out our demo.
  • We fixed a bug where you might miss account warnings about errors occurring with your payment method.

Change Dashboard Updates

Say hello to the Change Dashboard! Now you can log in to your account online to view sales and plan information.

View Your Session Stats:

Browse your session statistics including sales by department, total tax collected, discounts applied and even a breakdown of how much was collected with each payment type.

Manage Your Plan:

Want to know how many days are left in your free trial? Want to keep using Change after that? No problem. This can all be done on our new plan screen. Simply add a payment method and we'll bill you at the end of your trial and every month after that.

iPad App - Version 1.0

With the first version of the Change iPad app, you can easily:

  • Take orders.
  • Modify items.
  • Apply five different types of payment (including Dwolla).
  • Create departments.
  • Set tax rates.
  • Add individual photos to each item.
  • Customize your receipt by adding your logo and custom text.
  • Print simple receipt reports at the end of each session.